Friday, November 5, 2010

Help Kristie Tunick

A repost from Kandee Johnson's blog:

Imagine you only have 3 weeks left to live....
every minute counts....
please help me save Kristie's life!

She needs us to post this video about her message, her story everywhere...on facebook, twitter, myspace, in a chain email to all your contacts...
we need everyone to try to contact their local please help get her help to save her life!

Meet Kristie Tunick...
this was her before her sickness....and her after
please watch the video (and please post it everywhere you can, so we can get here some help or dome press)
for more of her story watch this 20/20 clip that ABC did on Kristie!
Not only is this a story of her tragic mystery illness, but an incredible tale of love between her and her incredible "dream man", Brian Mendenhall.
Kristie & Brian before she got sick...truly inseparable soulmates! Every girl dreams of finding a guy that would not only stick by her side through years of her paralysis, carrying her around, giving up his career and love and take care of his soulmate no matter what!
CLICK HERE TO SEE ABS's 20/20 CLIP about Kristie and her mystery illness.

Kristie needs our help, time is running out...Brian begged in an email that he doesn't want her to have to scream in pain (she's at a level 10 pain every second of her life with her whole body feeling like it's being crushed 24 hours a day) as her body stiffens into total paralysis again, and her heart stops.

Please help, take just a few minutes to share this video everywhere you can, and if you have any contacts at news stations or anything with the media...please email Brian or Kristie right away!
Brian's email:
(and Kristie dropped her coffee on their computer and fried it, so all they have is their phone's to get online with right now, but they do check emails)
Kristie's email is: (but it is very hard for her to type)

You can find out more about her story and ways to donate or get in contact with her at: (then enter KRISTIE TUNICK)

Please please help! Kristie needs each one of us, no matter where you are to spread her message! Please spread the word and she needs your prayers!

with huge love....let's see just how powerful we can be using youtube, facebook, twitter, email, everything! Now let's go spread the word and help save Kristie!!!

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